Timothy Hunt

5 Years After Graduation

Timothy Hunt’s career has fast tracked since the day he first stepped on campus at the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. He took his workplace training as part of his degree in resorts. His first placement was in a senior food and beverage position.

The dux of his graduating year, 2010 saw Tim employed with the Park Hyatt Sydney. Park Hyatt is the luxury tier of the Hyatt’s Hotels and Resorts many brands. The Park Hyatt Sydney is nestled between two iconic Australian landmarks. Boasting 155 rooms, including luxury suites, the property in which Tim’s career is developing represents personalised luxury at the highest level.

Awarding Tim employee of the year in his first year of employment, Park Hyatt Sydney has moved Tim rapidly through the ranks. Firstly as Senior Butler, then Team Leader, Guest Services and currently Assistant Guest Services Manager where in conjunction with the Guest Services Manager he oversees a team of 28 inclusive of butlers, business centre and guest services associates.

Tim sees his work as playing a significant role in developing, implementing and raising service standards across his property. He has set a high bar for himself through looking to achieve his goals in an environment, which expects the highest possible results.

Current position: Assistant Guest Services Manager
Park Hyatt Sydney, Australia
2 years
Guest Service Team Leader
Park Hyatt Sydney, Australia
1 year, 1 month
Senior Butler
Park Hyatt Sydney, Australia
1 year, 4 months
(IP) Multi-Functional Guest Service Agent
Quay West Suites Brisbane, Australia
6 months
(IP) Senior Food and Beverage Attendant
Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
6 months

* (IP is the Industry Placements undertaken by students during their degree. View the many different Industry Placements BMIHMS students have completed)